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Every new begining comes from

some other beginings end

Lizzy(aka Bunny)
30 September
hello, im am Liz and i am so tired of listening to other poeple telling me how to live, how to act, what is best for me, and what i am doing wrong. There is always drama in my life and i am sick and tired of it.I lik to hang w/ my friends and i love to go to the mall and be a mallrat. lol. Most my cloths r black and my mom thinks there is something wrong w/ me. i do sometimes drink. I dont think that the music and the clothes poeple wear define who the person realy is i think u have to get to know them.And it is there attitude

give whatitallmeans more *HUGS*
my pet!
-thanks for listening to me bable liz
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afi, angelina jolie, anti-materialistic, anti-mtv, art, art therapy, bandaids, bands, bass, being alone, black, black hair, bleeding through, board games, brand new, bush sucks, caffeine, cartoons, cemetaries, chasing seagulls, chating, chinese food, clueless, coffee, coldplay, complaining about my life, computers, cooking, cuddling, daria, dating, death, deftones, demons, drawing, dreamland, drugs, drum and bass, dvds, dying, e-mail, edgar allen poe, evanescence, family guy, fate, flirting, food, freaky men, fun, funerals, fuzzy socks, garbage, ghosts, glassjaw, goth clothes, goth men, gothic clubs, gothic industrial, green tea, grey skies, guitar, hair color, hanging out, hardcore, hate, hating happy people, haunted houses, hbo, ice age, intersting people, jawbreaker, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jokin around, journals, kill bill, kissing, kittie, long haired men, love, making things, making weird noises, money, movies, mudhoney, music, my so-called life, neopets, new shoes, new york, nine inch nails, nirvana, no one loves me, no war, nyc, ocean water, painting, pale skin, pee-wee's big adventure, photography, piercings, playstation, poetry, pretending to know things, punk, punk music, radiohead, rain, rock music, rocking on stage, romance, say anything, school, seattle, self injury, self-mutilation, sitting around, sleeping, slipknot, soda pop, stickers, story time, stream water, sublime, sunsets, talking online, tattoos, teenage years, the living end, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the scent of water, the twilight zone, the used, thrift stores, thrifting, toe socks, true crime, undertakers, vanity, video games, walking, warped tour, worn jeans, writing poems, writing songs, writing stories, yeah yeah yeahs